Announcing Tri-North Studios!

We are SO excited to finally announce the launch of Tri-North Studios! Keeping in mind a perfect trifecta of Content, Commentary, and Community for the gamer in all of us, our team has been hard at work brainstorming fresh ways to share our love of gaming with our community. We all love games, we love entertaining, and we love creating fun and fascinating content, and we are here. for. it!

Taking inspiration from games and gamers (that’s probably you!), Tri-North Studios has big plans to bring you podcasts, videos, live streams, game reviews, first looks, sneak peeks and game hype, and so much more. We’ll be filling this blog with thoughts and opinions about various happenings in and around the gaming industry.

Those are our ambitions and plans. But it’s not just about us! We also have ways for YOU to get involved too, with 1v1 matches, as podcast interviewees, video contributors, and guest writers for our blog… The possibilities are endless, so please don’t be afraid to drop us a line if you have any ideas or want to connect. Check us out on Twitter too, where we’ll also post updates to all our content.

Coming Up Next: Recently our team met up at PAX West in Seattle and spent four whirlwind days meeting with developers and playing games. We are so hyped about some of the amazing indie games that will be available in the coming months, and the amazingly talented game developers that we’ll be working with. Our PAX West Recap is coming soon, so keep an eye out for highlights from a few of our favourite discoveries at PAX.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment below. We’re anxiously awaiting the release of content just as much as you are!

Content, Commentary, and Community for the gamer in all of us.

Tri-North Studios
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Welcome to TriNorth Studios - The channel where we play and review games of all types! We are committed to producing high quality content for ever viewer type. We hope to foster a community that works together to both uplift and share ideas. Founded in the fall of 2019, three Canadians got together to create what we have today.

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