Early Access Look – Crooks Like Us

Crooks Like Us

Huge shout out to the dev team of Crooks Like Us, by Out of Tune Games for the chance to play their new game! Watch the above video as Mossiprose goes over what we enjoyed about the game. You will find MysticMikeLive and JoshQuake running around in the background too!

What Is This Game?!

Crooks Like Us is a 1-8 player online party game consisting of chaotic robbery scenarios. Where the goal is to collect as much valuables as possible and get back to the escape van before time runs out. Use hilarious gadgets such as anvils, earthquakes, and more to compete against rival crooks.
Battle your way to 1st place!

Where Can I Get A Copy?

Get your copy today on Steam!

*also available on Mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Give Out of Tune Games a Look today!

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