Is Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Really That BAD?!

Before We Get Started

If I am being honest with you, this Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance was not even close to being on my radar! For real, I did not know about this game until the day of release. So what your thinking, well listen, I have read just about everything R.A. Salvatore has written on Drizzt. Not just once, not twice, I would be lying if I even said three times. At the end of the day, I have more than likely read them at least five to seven times. Furthermore, I am currently one my second listen-through of the audiobook versions. I may have an addiction or love of the story of Drizzt.

Who couldn't be when you take the time to listen to the dialog, watch the cutscenes, or heck give the books a try. Drizzt, considered an outcast among his people the drow. Known for their ruthlessness, cruelty and powerful magic. His story is powerful, and I could go on and on about it, but honestly, Read the books!

"The drow are purely malign by temperament, as hateful as wolverines, as opportunistic as hyenas."— Gary Gygax, 2005


I have a confession to make, this is my first Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance game in the series. However, like I said I am a huge fan of Drizzt and friends. Furthermore, I watch a ton of D&D, and have been knowing to wield the die. With that said, this will not be a review where I compare it to its predecessors. I am looking at this game as a stand alone game within the universe of D&D. Upon writing this I have close to about 30 hours played with one character at max lvl, and the others getting there.

So, with all that on the table, let's get to the review!


First Thoughts on Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

As I write this part of the post we have completed the game. Start to finish, over about a 2-3 week span. Did I enjoy it? Yeah, I really did. Were there bugs, or issues with the game? Also, yeah! However, I still really enjoyed this game. I found the combat system, both straightforward and yet could still feel intricate. It has your light and heavy attack as well as block. Simple right, 3 buttons, and boom you got it. Where it can get intricate is when you start throwing in combos, or party combos. Oooooh Weeee! Watching the numbers go across the screen, the health bars dropping, the rush of trying to sneak in drop your ultimate and save your buddy before you, yourself dies! Phew, what a rush.

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Fighting Gif
Watching the numbers go across the screen, the health bars dropping, the rush of trying to sneak in drop your ultimate and save your buddy before you, yourself dies! Phew, what a rush. - MysticMikeLive

Whew, sorry about that! Like I said I enjoyed this game. Was there some things they could have done differently, or maybe added? Of course, with any game there will always be something missing or not needed. However, if your a fan of the The Legend of Drizzt novels by R. A. Salvatore you will indeed find this game appealing. It does a great job tying in events from the novels into the game, yet still giving us a new adventure to enjoy. On the occasion that you have not read the books, I highly recommend you put them on your to read list.


Thoughts Upon Completion

We did it! All bosses defeated and on the highest available difficulty we could get. We got some great gear to help us get there, and had a fun time doing so. Now, is the game as bad as some are saying? Depends?

Somethings we encountered were mobs not attacking us at all. We could walk right up to them, hit them, and they would just take it til they died! We ran into issues with the elevators in the game either slingshotting you into the sky, or sometimes just change direction midway!? Other issues I personally had with it was the difficulty level of it. I found it sorta easy. Yeah we still had party wipes from time to time, however would usually be the result of us just messing with each other. I also would have liked to see like a mode where you had limited lives to complete the level.

Overall, is this a playable game? Yes, we ran into no issues with playing this game, that led to us to just want to stop. Also the game is on Xbox GamePass, so if you have that it doesn't hurt you to give it a try. Myself however, will be buying the game as well!

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“How many people long for that "past, simpler, and better world," I wonder, without ever recognizing the truth that perhaps it was they who were simpler and better, and not the world about them?”
― R.A. Salvatore, Streams of Silver




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